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1. Reduction of deforestation
In remote areas of Laos, villagers and farm staff are solely dependent on wood and charcoal for cooking and warmth as delivery of gas tanks is not logistically feasible in these areas. The system reduces dependency on wood and charcoal directly reducing deforestation.
2. Increased yield and better quality plants
Coffee waste is put into the system to be processed as fertilizer resulting in a higher amount of nutrients for the coffee plants. Liquid fertilizer is also easier to apply and is absorbed faster which increases productivity and better yield.
3. Waste management
Rural areas have no means of waste collection, most of the food waste is usually buried or burned which causes environmental problems. The Homebiogas system enables the villagers to efficiently process this waste into a useful resource, harnessing the benefits of technology to improve their lives.
4. Empowering women with Technology
A considerable majority of laborers working on rural plantations are women, by implementing sustainable agriculture technology to the rural areas we are able to provide empowerment by making jobs more effi cient and increasing income.

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

On December 14th, 2020 Our team installed a HomeBiogas 7.0 system at a coffee plantation in the mountains of Xieng Khuoang, the system is processing coffee bean peels into fertilizer and cooking gas. The project helps the villagers in many aspects, making production more efficient and supporting higher yields from coffee plants. The HBG 7.0 System was donated by LURAS Helvetas.