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1. Reduction of gas bill.
The Café reduced its bottled gas usage by one tank per month.
2. Efficient waste disposal and sanitation.
Food waste is entirely handled by the system without the smelly odor of leftover food waste.
3. Fertilizer for café garden.
Biofertilizer from the system is used for the small vegetable garden at the café.

Waste Treatment In An Urban Environment

Our installation at Comma Coffee is a perfect example of how waste can be turned into energy even in an urban environment with limited space. The HomeBiogas system is able to process all the food waste from the cafe and convert it into usable cooking gas and organic fertilizer for the vegetable garden.
Previously Comma Coffee faced a challenge with waste management due to the garbage collection that took place once a week.
The installation of HomeBiogas system enables us to treat all the food waste from the cafe and convert it into useful clean cooking gas and liquid bio-fertilizer for the vegetable garden. Now there is no more food waste and the remaining dry waste is sent for recycling.