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Once you turn your organic waste into biogas with the HomeBiogas, you can

use the energy you generated for home cooking!

Countertop Single Burner

Every HomeBiogas purchase comes with a specially adapted, stainless steel, countertop biogas stove. Using this stove is the easiest method for the HomeBiogas beginners. This stove is small and portable, enabling it to be positioned as needed in order to accommodate other kitchen appliances on your countertop.

Complexity: easy
Stove size: 360x280x130mm or 14″x11″x5″in

Built-In Single Burner

The stainless steel, built-in single burner stove is specially adapted to cook with biogas. This stove is designed to slide into a stove range or be built into to a countertop and is perfect for those who have limited kitchen space.

Complexity: easy
Stove size: 410x300x85mm or 16″x12″x3″in

Built-In Double Burner

You can find regular built-in double burner gas stoves online, which can easily altered to work with biogas. The benefit of this stove, is the ability to cook on two burners at once. Email us to get recommendations on double burner gas stoves you can purchase.

Complexity: easy
Stove size: 381x101x533mm or 15″W x 4″H x 21″D

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