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1. Cooking is made easier.
Cooking at the center is done by staff who are disabled, Staring fire with charcoal was a daily challenge. Cooking with the new Homebiogas stoves makes cooking much cleaner and convenient.
2. Efficient waste disposal and sanitation.
LDWDC houses over 70 residents including teachers and students, with the waste collection truck returning one time per week garbage disposal and sanitation, which is an ever-growing issue. The HBG system is now able to dispose of all organic waste from the center, reducing the amount of waste, smell, while creating a cleaner environment for the residents. Since organic waste is now efficiently separated and disposed of, dry waste can be sold to collectors creating a small income for the center.
3. Fertilizer for vegetable garden.
The Vegetable garden has been an ongoing project for the center, the fertilizer from the system has been able to support higher quality and increase production from the garden. Organic vegetables from the garden are used to feed the residents of the center.
4. Reduce carbon footprint.
The center is no longer dependent on charcoal as a fuel source and is able to cook totally on renewable energy.

A Financially Sustainable System

In September 2020, The Philippine Ambassador to Laos in cooperation with LaoBiogas donated a HomeBiogas 7.0 system to the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Center in Vientiane. The installation has contributed to reducing the LDWDC operating costs and to an overall improvement in the lives of the 70 staff and students by providing cooking gas for their meals and organic fertilizer for the center’s garden.