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  • Lower cost of fuel and dependency on burning wood.
  • Sanitation and Waste management.
  • An educational tool for the environment, sustainable agriculture, etc.
  • Support for school vegetable garden.
The Rural school is an example of the many challenges in Laos due to its remote location and mountainous terrain. Our team took 2 days on the road driving some of the most challenging roads in Laos to reach the school.
Our travels were rewarded by being able to see the happiness, excitement, and interest of the teachers and students who were very eager to learn about proper waste management and recycling.
The project is an excellent example of how Homebiogas can overcome the challenge of logistics and can be cost-effectively deployed in the most remote areas,
  • The school needed to buy firewood from the local supplier, causing trees to be cut down.
  • Children and teachers need to cut firewood for cooking.
  • Organic waste is buried burned.
  • The school can save money by reducing the amount of wood needed.
  • Teachers and children can use their time to grow vegetables instead of cutting wood.
  • Waste is recycled into the system improving sanitation.