Home Biogas 4.0

The 4.0 system is suitable for mid-size homes with 5-6 people and comes with a double burner stove. The system produces up to 4 hours a day of gas.
The simple to install and use biogas system that saves money, improves health and provides energy & waste management infrastructure for the home.
Turn your waste to energy and start saving today!
Buying Home Biogas 4.0 helps the planetFood and animal waste emit a large amount of methane and are major contributors to climate change.  Lao BioGas upcycles this gas, creating renewable energy and reducing the need to purchase fossil fuels. Each system reduces carbon emissions by 6 tons annually!
Home Biogas 4.0 takes pride in giving back as a socially responsible company, Home Biogas 4.0 sponsors systems to be deployed in underserved communities. When you purchase a system, you are also spreading Biogas technology to people around the world who suffer from indoor air pollution.

Everything you need comes in the box

The do-it-yourself installation is simple when everything you need comes in the box. In fact, installation only takes 1 hour!

Main Parts of the System

Main Parts of the System
Main Parts of the System
Main Parts of the System
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Main Parts of the System
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Main Parts of the System

Tech Specs

System dimensions(L x W x H): 300 x 150 x 130 cm
Box dimensions: 60x50x53 cm
Gas Tank volume: 1200 litres
Digester Tank volume: 2500 litres
Maximum daily quantity of kitchen waste: Up to 12 litres
Maximum daily quantity of animal manure: Up to 20 litres
Stove cooking time: (single burner)Up to 4 hours daily
Maximum distance between system and stove: 20 meters


Frequently Asked Questions

What and how much can I feed Bag2Nature each day?You can feed your Bag2Nature leftover food waste from cooking and animal manure. The great thing about Bag2Nature is that it can process food waste that most compost systems cannot – including meat, fish, oil and other fats.There is no minimum feeding amount, but there is a maximum feeding amount.Food waste: 6 liters / 1.5 gal.Animal manure: 20 liters / 5 gal.*Remember, you should feed Bag2Nature with an equal amount of water* (for example, if you feed Bag2Nature 3 liters of food waste, you should add 3 liters of water.)
Can I cook with the biogas in my kitchen?Yes, you can! Every Bag2Nature purchase comes with a stainless steel, specially-adapted biogas stove. The biogas stove is small and portable, so you can place it on your kitchen counter top. The biogas stove can be placed up to 20 meters / 65 feet away from the Bag2Nature system.
Why is the Bag2Nature liquid fertilizer so beneficial?Bag2Nature fertilizer is essentially the result of the long digestion process of organic waste. The fertilizer is packed full of various macro and micro nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium in the right form for rapid absorption by plants. When applied, the fertilizer can accelerate plant growth and resilience to diseases!
Is Bag2Nature good for the environment?Yes! The Bag2Nature system that you can use on a daily basis to make your lifestyle have a less harmful impact on the natural environment.First of all, Bag2Nature up-cycles methane to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions! The use of each Bag2Nature system reduces carbon emissions up to 6 tons per year! Organic waste always produces methane – whether it’s the waste you dispose of in a landfill, your compost, or your dog’s droppings. When left to freely dissipate into the atmosphere, methane acts as a potent greenhouse gas and a primary contributing factor to global climate change. The Bag2Nature appliance harnesses the methane that otherwise goes unused. Rather than being released into the atmosphere, the methane is collected and stored in Bag2Nature until it is used for cooking. By up-cycling a potent greenhouse gas, Bag2Nature lets you lessen your reliance on other harmful energy sources.Bag2Nature can be used as a decentralized approach to disposing of waste in an entire neighborhood or area, not just a single home. It has the potential to minimize the need for polluting garbage trucks to transport waste long distances to landfills.Second, the Bag2Nature produces a healthy and natural liquid fertilizer which is not made from synthetic chemicals. With an abundance of fertilizer that you produce easily at home, you won’t need to use store-bought fertilizer for your lawn and garden. This will minimize the amount of harmful chemicals which will be used on food and make their way into water sources.
How long will Bag2Nature last and what happens if something breaks?Bag2Nature has an estimated lifespan of 10 years! What happens if something breaks? Bag2Nature was designed so that if one piece is broken, it can be replaced, as opposed to replacing the entire appliance. We want you to get the most use of the system as you possibly can. Remember, each Bag2Nature system includes a 24-month warranty. If something breaks while you have the warranty, we will replace it for free. After the warranty period, all of the parts are available for purchase.
How is the Bag2Nature different than composting?The Bag2Nature has been referred to as a “super composter” because it does what compost piles and bins do but in an even more efficient way, and more. Not only does it break down organic waste, but it also captures the methane gas which is produced throughout this process and makes it available for you to cook with in your home! This means that you are reducing waste and creating renewable energy for your home—double benefits!Cooking gas is just one of the products. Bag2Nature also creates a rich liquid fertilizer. The fertilizer is neatly and easily collected from the back outlet of the appliance with no work involved! This is a huge advantage over a compost pile, which requires frequent churning, tending, and monitoring. The liquid fertilizer is quickly and easily absorbed by plants, so you can produce it and use it efficiently. You can produce many liters of this liquid magic per day!
Is cooking on biogas as safe as cooking on LPG?It most certainly is! In fact, the biogas produced in Bag2Nature is actually much safer than your current LPG (liquified petroleum gas) or propane gas tank for several reasons:Unlike LPG cylinders or propane tanks, the biogas in the Bag2Nature system is not compressed. Our safety engineers intentionally created a soft case to hold the biogas so that it is stored at a low pressure. Since the gas is not compressed, the appliance stores a relatively small quantity compared to gas stored in cylinders. It is too little to pose a serious threat if ignited and is a minuscule amount compared to any other gas connection. Methane needs a concentration of 50% to be flammable. The moment it hits the air it becomes less concentrated, rendering it completely nonflammable.Methane, which makes up 60% of biogas, is lighter than air and will diffuse immediately into the atmosphere if released from the appliance for any reason. This occurs naturally in waste disposal facilities like landfills all the time. What is unique about Bag2Nature is that we are harnessing the energy potential of the potent greenhouse gas (methane) before it is released into the atmosphere.
Is there a smell?The process of anaerobic digestion occurs inside a water tank, therefore does not release much odor. Most likely the only time you will smell some odor is when you lift up the sink cover to throw in your daily waste. The generated biogas inside the system is filtered by a special-purpose active carbon filter to remove any unpleasant odors, so the biogas has minimal smell.



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